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Super Single Mattress Upholstery Cleaning Service


Our mattress upholstery cleaning services helps ensure your family enjoy a sound sleep in a healthy environment, by eliminating bacteria, bugs, and other harmful organisms that might be hiding in your mattress. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of asthma or allergies. Simply book your preferred date and time for mattress cleaning. Our professionals will handle the rest, striving to provide a full and thorough service. 


To ensure optimal cleanliness for your mattress, you should engage Beck And Call professional mattress upholstery cleaning every three to six months. For stained mattresses, you should engage professional mattress cleaning every two to three months. For skin sensitivity, sinus, dust mites, or allergy, you should engage professional mattress cleaning every one to two months.

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Our mattress can contain up to 10 million dust mites if we do not use a mattress cleaner or employ an appropriate mattress cleaning services. Don’t let this happen! Even though the purpose of mattress protectors is to prolong the mattress lifespan, they do not keep it clean and free from vermin. Bed bugs and dust mites will still find their way in. They can easily remain unnoticed when carrying out regular cleaning due to their tiny nature. If you have young children around, such dust mites can make them prone to infections. 

At Beck And Call we are adept at sanitizing your mattress properly to get rid of dust mites, bacteria, and foul odours. Our professionals will strive to understand your requirements, and choose the correct mattress cleaning methodology for your specific situation. Mattress cleaning will be carried out by our cleaning team in Singapore.  


Benefits of Beck And Call Professional Mattress Cleaning Service 

  • Remove mold, dust mites, odour, bacteria, and stains 
  • Reduce the chances of falling sick 
  • Keep you free of allergies, irritations, and infections 
  • Remove the eggs of pests, and bed bugs 
  • Clean, fresh, and fragrant mattress 
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