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Why is mattress cleaning so important

Are you wondering: can you clean a mattress with a carpet cleaner? Or wondering, “is there a professional mattress cleaning service near me?” To be honest, it is really hard to get urine smell out of couch with a hand held fabric cleaner. So, if you are looking for the best home upholstery cleaner, let us share with you today why you should not attempt to clean your mattress by yourself and why you should engage a professional. 

Uncleaned mattresses lead to poor sleep 

Many factors affect our ability to get a good night’s sleep – for instance – an uncomfortable and dirty bed. We may not notice it, but our mattresses may be housing bacteria and dust mites which are harmful for health. This may trigger respiratory health concerns such as asthma. Not only that, various fluid stains may be hiding under the mattress surface. Also, odours may persist. 

To prevent these from perpetuating a vicious cycle, we should clean our mattresses regularly once every 6 months. This will involve vacuuming and sunning it. However, if you live in an apartment with insufficient sun exposure, it may be hard to do so. Also, it’s not easy to lift a heavy mattress all by yourself to properly clean every part of it. Also, sometimes the dust mite problem may persist, and bad smells may linger despite multiple efforts to clean your mattress. 

Don’t rely only on mattress protectors to keep your mattress clean 

While mattress protectors do prolong the lifespan of your mattresses, they do not keep them entirely clean and free from bacteria. Even with a mattress protector, you can still find allergens, bed bugs, dust mites, and bacteria in your mattress! This may have a serious effect on your family’s health. If you have young children at home, this is an issue you should certainly deal with as soon as possible. If you have cats or dogs that climb onto the beds, this introduces aan even greater risk of bed bugs or dustmites nesting within mattresses. These particles are not visible to the naked eye and hence it is easy to forget about cleaning the mattresses. 

Mattresses need to be deep cleaned at least once every 6 months. This ensures that bed bugs, duet and bacteria are purged effectively. By doing so, you and your family can sleep in fresh and clean beds every night, with a much lower risk of allergies and asthma. 

Mattress cleaning reduces allergies 

Do you suffer from any of these ailments? You could improve them by deep cleaning your mattress routinely: 

  • Sneezing 
  • Fatigue 
  • Depression 
  • Headaches 
  • Watery and itchy eyes 
  • Psoriasis 
  • Eczema 
  • Rhinitis 
  • Hay fever 
  • Asthma 

If you knew what is settling inside your mattresses, you would probably want to clean them every other day. Many people with allergies could reduce their symptoms simply by having mattresses deep cleaned with Beck and Call cleaning service. Every day, there is dead skin from your body falling and accumulating on the mattress, creating a fertile and warm breeding ground for bugs. Dust mites are invisible to the naked eye. Also, they feed off your dead skin. They produce a chemical called guanine. This is responsible for causing numerous allergies. Immature bed bugs called nymphs may infest mattresses and bite people when they are sleeping. These bites may cause itchiness, with the bitten skin becoming red and swollen. It may sometimes even cause blisters and hives. 

The Cleaning Process 

Beck and Call specializes in cleaning mattresses thoroughly. To start off, our professional mattress cleaning specialists will clean your mattress by spraying specialized mattress cleaning solution on it. This helps to dislodge dirt within your mattress. The water and dirt deep within your mattress will then be extracted. We have clients that were so amazed by the difference that they saw in their mattress that they now regularly engage Beck and Call for mattress cleaning as an essential service that they cannot do without. Once the cleaning service is completed, the mattress may be a little damp, and we advise our clients to keep surroundings well-ventilated during this period of time. You can switch on air-conditioners or fans in the room to help the mattress dry more effectively and faster. Not to worry as your mattress will dry in a few hours. 

Quality Cleaning Service 

Our cleaning professionals are equipped with efficient technology and materials to help you get a good night’s sleep. With ample experience in mattress cleaning services, we offer professional tips to all our clients on how to clean their mattress more easily. We are also more than happy to help you with queries regarding the cleaning and maintenance of your mattress. Best of all, our mattress cleaning service is offered at a very affordable price so that we have more customers who can sleep soundly without worrying about the steep price tag of cleaning services. 

Call Beck and Call today so we can help you disinfect your mattress! We know how to expertly clean all types of mattresses, and we have a good track record and many satisfied customers. Allow us to give you a professional quote on mattress cleaning and rest assured that your bed stays clean and allergy free with Beck and Call! 

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