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Post Renovation Cleaning

On behalf of the Beck and Call Team, we would like to wish everybody a smooth and productive year ahead. Stay tuned to our new launch promotions and start the new year right with Beck and Call’s Cleaning Services. Follow our Social Media Platforms to get regular updates on Beck and Call! Previously, we discussed carpet cleaning services and how it can really benefit your home or you office. Today, we will be delving into the benefits of post renovation house cleaning and why it’s so important in the long run.

Post renovation cleaning service will make your new house dust-free, spotless, and smell great

House renovation work causes a lot of dust and inconveniences neighbors. Most of the time, your house will be extremely dusty after renovation. Instead of taking ages to clean it yourself, why not engage a professional post renovation house cleaning service? Usually, the renovation contractor may help you do the first round of general cleaning or acid wash which clears all the debris. However, there’s bound to be dust left over. This is where you can engage a post construction cleaning service as a second time thorough cleaning. They will dust and wipe all walls, floors, switches, skirting, bedroom wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, and drawers. The end result is a sparkling clean house.

Post renovation cleaning helps in improving your overall health

You may think that your house is clean, but there is hidden dirt that when accumulated can prove to be very harmful to your body. Dust leads to coughing and sneezing, and could be the major cause of certain major ailments and life threatening diseases. If you’re not careful, strong sneezing for the elderly could result in the stopping of heart. Eye infection and bloodshot eyes can also arise. For people with sensitive skin, direct exposure to dust can result in skin infections and problems like rashes, pimples and acne. Renovation and construction dust can also have very small and harmful particles which include anything from acid to metals to soil or chemicals and radioactive materials. Overexposure to radioactive substances can be very dangerous to our body.

Reduced spread of diseases

You can’t be too careful with the pandemic ongoing. When a virus spreads from one family to another, everybody struggles. Professional cleaning is critical to keeping everybody healthy and preventing the spread of illnesses and COVID. For homes, a complete cleaning of the entire after renovation, to prevent the transmission of disease. All communal areas such as bathrooms must be cleansed. Investing in soap dispensers and no-touch wastebaskets will help you ensure that all shared areas are disinfected. Sanitizing locations such as desks, phones, doorknobs, and faucets on a daily basis is recommended. Our experts at Beck and Call can advise you on the most effective cleaning processes and materials to help prevent hazardous viruses from spreading. In fact, viruses can survive on a surface such as a desk or table for up to 48 hours, posing a risk of infection to others. Post renovation cleaning job scope will include areas like: – Cleaning of all Glass Panels, Doors and Windows – Sweeping + Vacuuming + Mopping of all floor areas – Cleaning of Built-in appliances – Cleaning of Toilets, Kitchen Areas and Rooms – Cleaning of empty Furniture, Fixtures & Fittings – Cleaning of Fans and Lightings – Clearing of Trash – Cleaning of Exterior of Built-in appliances

We hope you found this article insightful. If you are looking for a company that provides deep cleaning services, consider Beck And Call. Beck And Call provides high quality post renovation residential cleaning services that will keep your house squeaky clean. With a huge team of experienced and professional cleaners, Beck and Call will never disappoint you. Contact Us today and get to know of the various services we offer.

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