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Deep Cleaning your Residences during the Christmas season

On behalf of the beck and call team, I would like to wish everyone a merry merry christmas! With the year coming to an end, there are a lot of Christmas presents going around, friends visiting each other’s houses and many fun interactions going on. With the presence of the omicron variant, viruses become easily transmissible compared to usual. The importance of deep cleaning your residences during the Christmas season is further highlighted and we have to make sure that our residences are squeaky clean before and after the Christmas season. Thus, I would be sharing with you exclusive tips to deep cleaning your residences during the christmas season.

1.Marie Kondo your entire house, in other words, declutter

Throughout the entire year, I believe many items have been purchased on impulse, be it on the Lazada 12.12 sale or the shopee 11.11 sales. We get it, there were too many flash sales and too many enticing items to buy. I bet, a huge stack of impulsively bought items have been lying around in your room for close to a year. If you are reading this article right now, this is a sign for you to take action, to unleash your inner Marie Kondo and clear that mess right now.


If you are a massive hoarder, and you love keeping things, try decluttering items one at a time. Throw an item that you’d rather not have away everyday, and you’ll be surprised looking at that mess slowly disappearing. 


After you’ve made a list of what needs to be done, the following step is to put everything back in its rightful position. The cleaning procedure will be sped up if each room is arranged. You won’t have to spend time rearranging or shifting objects from one location to another. You will be able to clean items out by arranging your home. It may not be ideal over the holidays, but a thorough cleaning will allow you to toss out stuff you no longer need, freeing up space for your Christmas decorations. You’ll be shocked at how refreshed a clean-out can make your home seem. This will allow you to start the New Year with a clutter-free home.


2.Hire an in house professional deep cleaning team

You must be thinking, why hire an in house professional deep cleaning team? Isn’t my vacuum cleaner sufficient enough to zap all the dust and debris? Unfortunately, there is a lot of dust and debris that are invisible to our naked eye. With a year of moving around, and working from home, the home has gone through a lot of wear and tear as well as dust accumulation. Thus, it is important to hire a professional cleaning company to deep clean your house, to ensure that all germs are eradicated from your home. This will also give external visitors a good impression of your family. As others said, a clean home is a great start to every new year. However, all chinese new year traditions also state that, it is not auspicious to clean your house at the start of every chinese new year thus deep cleaning your house during christmas is the most apt.

3.Deep Cleaning of Bed Rooms to ensure your working and study environment is ready for the new year

Clean your bedroom. To keep the bed sheets fresh, wash them in warm or hot water with a cupful of white vinegar. While the sheets are drying, clean the mattress completely with your vacuum’s upholstery attachment, paying specific attention to the seams. To ensure restful sleep for the new year, replace the bedding and fluff the pillows.

Comprehensive guide to cleaning your bed

1) Gather and store all clothing, books, and personal possessions.

2) Make the Bed

3) Do a thorough cleaning of the bedding

4) Turn the Mattress Over

We hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful. If you are interested in having your residences deep cleaned, simply book an appointment on our website. Look forward to working with you in 2022!

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