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Who else wants to know the mystery behind carpet cleaning?

Do you have a carpet at home or in the office? Do they get mouldy and dusty after a while? They are really hard to clean! In this post, we unveil the mystery behind carpet cleaning, and how you can effectively use office carpet cleaning services and professional carpet cleaning for a healthier home and office environment. By removing all the dust and allergens in hard-to-reach areas, you can improve the air quality of your living surroundings, and also breathe easier. 

How exactly does professional carpet cleaning work?

Carpet cleaning is not an easy task and many companies outsource it. Here is the process that your carpet undergoes when being cleaned professionally: 


  1. Carpets are pretreated by spraying a carpet cleaning solution and allowing it to sink in for at least 15 minutes. 

  2. A carpet cleaner is used to extract soapy and dirty fluid from the carpet. This is done with the help of a high power vacuum after pumping water into it. 

  3. Some carpet cleaners heat water to rinse the carpet, whereas others cannot.

Most professional carpet cleaners will treat the entire carpet as a whole. Even if there are parts that don’t need to be cleaned, they will also clean those parts first so that the entire carpet is properly maintained. Hiring carpet cleaning services is very important if you would like to maintain your carpet for as long as possible.

What are the different types of carpet cleaners?

Professional carpet cleaning services don’t just suck up dust and surface dirt from your carpets and furniture. They use specialized carpet and upholstery cleaning machines that can remove deeper stains and grime. In particular, high powered vacuums with powerful suctions are designed to pick up pet stains. 


Wet cleaners use steam or chemicals to kill germs, pick up dirt, and remove stains. Hot water or steam is very effective in breaking down dirt, as applying heat destroys the structure of microbes and kills them. These wet variants first add clean water to a dirty carpet. The water is then absorbed by the dirt before being sucked back up by the machine using powerful suction technology. 


On the other hand, dry cleaners deposit a dry chemical onto the carpet. This is then absorbed by the dirt and sucked back up by the cleaner. However, this type of dry cleaner is less effective for deep cleaning. On the bright side, because these cleaners apply a strictly controlled amount of moisture, this ensures the carpet remains virtually dry. 

Why use carpet cleaning services?

Cleaning carpets can get very complicated. For this simple reason, here are some top reasons why it’s best to hire professionals to clean your carpet: 


  1. Save time 

  2. Ease and simplicity 

  3. Reduce health risks

  4. Get rid of odours and smells 

  5. Eliminate stains and upkeep appearance 

  6. Get it done right the first time 

At Beck and Call, in addition to providing a complete professional carpet cleaning service, we can also give you customized advice on how to upkeep your upholstery based on a detailed assessment. Speak to us today to see if our cleaning services are right for your needs.

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