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7 Reasons Upholstery Cleaning is Important

Your furniture and your furniture upholstery is so important! You read your favourite book on it, take naps after a long day’s work, and the list goes on. Regular upholstery cleaning is just as important as regular carpet cleaning. For instance, couches, sectionals, ottomans, chairs, or anything else with fabric. Looking for a suede upholstery cleaner or the best fabric cleaner for couch? Today we will share why upholstery cleaning is so important, and where you can find full home sanitization and professional upholstery cleaning services at lovely move out cleaning rates. 

1. Air quality 

Every time you sit down on your upholstered furniture, you’re actually releasing dust, dirt, grime, dead skin, bacteria, and mouldy spores into your house. This can definitely negatively affect the quality of air in your house. The air would be full of allergens and dust. Having good air filters and household plants may help filter out some allergens, but some can’t be picked up in the filter and are stuck in the upholstery. You should always aim for the complete removal of allergens and dust by doing a professional upholstery cleaning. 

2. Longer life for your furniture 

Furniture is an investment that is often expensive. Regardless of whether it’s regular wear and tear, body oil and grease, spilt milk – cleaning your furniture regularly can really extend its shelf life. 

3. DIY upholstery cleaning will damage your furniture 

While many people want to clean their own upholstery, this is strongly not advised. Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning is effective because the cleaners can anticipate what kind of issues will arise. At Beck and Call, we work to prevent these issues from further damaging your furniture. We can also fully extract moisture from your furnishings. This is important because leftover water and moisture can be a serious problem that causes mildew, mould, or further staining. Many cleaning machines bought from a store do not have the power that comes with professional water extraction equipment. You may feel like you have gotten all the moisture out of the upholstery, but there could be more hiding that has not yet come to the surface. 

4. Improve furniture appearance 

We’ve all been through this. Couches collect stains sometimes, and these are really hard to cover up with a blanket or pillow. It can be embarrassing when guests come over. Regardless of whether these stains were from kids and animals, or just normal wear and tear, furniture is used on a daily basis. No matter how clean your house is, it will not feel clean if the furniture upholstery looks dirty and grimy. The easiest solution is to engage a professional upholstery cleaning service. 

5. Durability 

Furniture upholstery can get a faded and thinning look. This is caused by dust and dirt, which act like small bits of sandpaper rubbing on the fabric. Regular upholstery cleaning will get rid of this dust and improve the durability of the upholstery, ensuring that your furniture will last for a long time. 

6. Odours 

The family couch is where most of your life happens. You may have engaged in countless movie nights, TV dinners, or shows and cartoons. If you have a baby, the couch may become a changing table or feeding station. For most families, the living room furniture will become the favourite place for homework or running your own business. The living room may also be your pet’s favourite spot. With so many things happening to your furniture, it can become too obvious because of the odour. Cooking odours especially can stay on your upholstery for a long time, contributing to a very unpleasant smell. Upholstery cleaning will help to remove such odours by getting rid of the source. 

We hope you found this article insightful. If you are looking for a company that provides deep cleaning services, consider Beck And Call. Beck And Call provide high-quality post-renovation residential cleaning services that will keep your house squeaky clean. With a huge team of experienced and professional cleaners, Beck and Call will never disappoint you. Contact Us today and get to know of the various services we offer.

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